Affinity can be used for distance learning, virtual patients, professional development, and more.

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Distance Learning

Effective online learning tools are a new requirement for today’s learning environment. Affinity allows educators to quickly build and distribute online modules for summative or formative evaluation, or as preparation for in-person activities. Allow students to self-evaluate their performance using scoring and inquiry feedback.

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Professional Development

Keeping professionals up-to-date on the latest materials and practices is an ever-present challenge. Affinity’s online modules can be purpose-built for professionals to earn continuing education credits and to combat skills-fade, while gaining insight on participants' decision-making process through Affinity's reporting suite.

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For Researchers

The Affinity platform is a simple way to create a robust online module with significant improvements to a generic survey experience. Modules can be published with a built-in consent module, and multiple methods of data entry - like multiple choice, text responses, and even natural language processing.

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Virtual Patients

Virtual Patients (VPs) provide an immersive learning opportunity for learners to practice clinical reasoning in a patient-safe environment. Affinity allows VPs to be easily configured with a variety of healthcare-specific elements, including interactive vital signs, case branching, and simulated patient history taking.