Simulate real-world experiences through interactive scenarios.

Easily create engaging, dynamic online learning scenarios that improve learning outcomes.

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Create Engaging Online Learning Scenarios

The Affinity Platform enables educators to easily build engaging, dynamic online scenarios using their existing educational content. Learners can practice their knowledge acquisition, application, and critical decision-making in a simulated, web-based environment.

Fully Customizable Experiences

Everything in Affinity is customizable, giving authors the complete freedom to build meaningful, tailored experiences based on specific learning objectives.


All scenarios created in Affinity are fully accessible on all devices and screen sizes. Learners can access modules using their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, without needing to install any software.

Doctors bagging a patient
A woman wearing PPE
Paramedics wheeling a man on a stretcher
A t-bone car accident impact

Knowledge inquiries

Allow learners to self-evaluate their understanding of key concepts using inquiries with real-time feedback. This instant feedback provides learners with an objective assessment of their knowledge acquisition and required competencies.

Scoring & Evaluation

All inquiry responses are captured and stored. Scoring can be applied to each response to evaluate the performance of learners at the individual and cohort level.

Decision-making opportunities

Present learners with choices, each associated with real-time outcomes. Allow learners to take action and control the outcome of a simulated scenario. Provide learners with a quick correction upon making an incorrect choice, or show them the consequences of their decision using branching.


Modules can incorporate multiple learning paths, based on the learner's decisions. Each decision can be configured to take the learner down a unique learning path.

Natural language interactions

Allow learners to practice their soft-skills through conversational interactions. Learners can talk to simulated patient avatars using natural speech, to practice activities like history taking and patient assessment. Control which information a student should gather before continuing.

Image by Servier Medical Art is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Learner performance

All steps of a learner's performance are captured and stored. This allows for evaluators to drill-down into individual learner performance, or look at cohort performance broadly.

A diagram demonstrating a learning path
A diagram illustrating module authoring

Intuitive authoring

Our easy-to-use authoring suite enables educators to rapidly develop learning modules that incorporate interactive elements like decision branching, multiple choice questions, and text evaluations. Easily incorporate your existing educational materials like images and videos, or quickly create new content like dynamic patient vitals signs.

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Affinity Community

Affinity Community is a free and open version of the Affinity Learning Platform, designed for open and collaborative knowledge sharing. Educators can build online learning scenarios, and publish them to be used freely by anyone. All content created on the community platform is licensed under Creative Commons. Authors and their associated institutions are clearly credited for their contributions.

Explore Affinity Community to build scenarios for free and share them with anyone.

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Pricing for Organizations

All plans include a 30-day free trial. Start building engaging learning experiences today.

Learning Groups

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($4.80 per user per month)

Up to 50 Scenarios

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Up to 200 Users


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($2.30 per user per month)

Unlimited Scenarios

Authoring Suite

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LMS Integration


Up to 500 Users


per month, USD

($1.36 per user per month)

Unlimited Scenarios

Authoring Suite

Reporting & Analytics

Direct Developer Support

LMS Integration


500+ Users

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We offer flexible pricing for large organizations. Tell us about your goals and we'll put together a customized quote based on your needs.

A complete toolkit for creating impactful learning experiences.

Decision Branching

Multiple Choice

Text Inquiries

Natural Language

Multiple Selection

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Learner Performance

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