Simulate real-world experiences through interactive scenarios.

Easily create interactive learning scenarios that engage learners and improve learning outcomes.

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Interactive Learning Experiences

Provide learners with an opportunity to practice their knowledge acquisition, application, and decision-making in a simulated, web-based environment.

Intuitive Authoring

Rapidly build learning scenarios using interaction-types that best fit your specific learning objectives.


All scenarios in Affinity are fully accessible on mobile and touch devices. Learners can access Affinity using their phones, tablets, or computers, without needing to install any software.

A nurse helping an elderly patient into a wheelchair
A first responder attending to a young man beside a damaged car
A police officer approaching a drunk driver exiting a car
Two doctors putting an oral bag on a patient

Visual Interactions

Choose from Affinity’s list of intuitive, visual interaction types for your scenario, based on your specific learning objectives. Make your existing educational content interactive by integrating images, videos, and audio recordings into scenarios.

360° Media Support

Upload a photo or video of a room or scene taken with your 360-degree camera. Use hotspots to allow learners to explore their surroundings, and the objects inside it.

Decision-making Opportunities

Allow learners to test their decision making skills and control the outcome of a simulated scenario. Create divergent learning pathways using decision branching.


Modules can incorporate multiple learning paths, based on the learner's decisions. Each decision can be configured to take the learner down a unique learning path.

Mass Casualty Scenario by CICan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Knowledge Inquiries

Allow learners to self-evaluate their understanding of key concepts using inquiries with real-time feedback.

Scoring & Evaluation

All interactions are captured and stored. Scoring can be applied to each inquiry to evaluate learner performance and identify knowledge gaps.

LMS Integration

Provide learners with one-click access to Affinity scenarios directly through their LMS accounts. Easily integrate Affinity with any LMS platform that supports the LTI standard, like D2L Brightspace or Canvas.

Score & Results Sync

Optionally sync completion status, scores, and learner results breakdowns with your organization's LMS. Allow learners to download their results as a PDF when they complete a scenario.

An illustration of a learner performance report, showing total score and question breakdown

Intuitive authoring

Rapidly develop learning modules that incorporate interactive elements like decision branching, multiple choice questions, and text evaluations. Easily include your existing educational materials like images, videos, or audio files within scenarios.

Drawing of a connected world

Affinity Community

Affinity Community is a free and open collection of learning scenarios created by domain experts and leading institutions.

All content created on the community platform is licensed under Creative Commons. Creators are always clearly credited for their contributions.

Drawing of a connected world

A complete toolkit for creating impactful learning experiences.

Decision Branching

Multiple Choice

Multiple Selection

Category Matching

Text Inquiries
& Auto Analysis

Image Hotspots

Order the Steps


Natural Language

360° Image
& Video

Vitals Monitor

& Tracking

Learner Performance

Learner Activity

Native Video







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